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Anthony Cooper, Saddler


Specializing in custom saddle fitting and repairs.

Tired of waiting for your saddle repairs?

Tired of waiting for a saddle fitting appointment?

We are a full service saddlery workshop providing fast turn around on all our work.

With over 28 years of experience, we specialize in saddle fitting and all saddle repairs.

We also install the Flair™ air bag system, the only adjustable air bag system.

Also specializing in side-saddle fitting and restoration.

And for all your saddle care needs, use Cooper's Saddle Compound and Cooper's Saddle Polish.


Health Update.


It's been 4 years since the end of my cancer treatments, and all appears to be well.

I'm getting check ups every 6 months now, which is good.

I know there are rumors that I'm retired, or cutting back my work schedule, but the truth is that I am alive and

well and working full time!

Once again, my sincere thanks to everyone who has sent positive energy and prayers for my continued healing.